Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Amazing Angels

Dylan had such a great baseball season this year. This was Dylan's first year of kid pitch, which was so much different and more challenging than machine pitch. Dylan loved his team and his coaches, they were the best!
Coach Ray Duncan had such a great ability to push the boys and demand hard work while being supportive and positive with them. They knew that he believed in them and thought they were the best.
The team did great and had an undefeated season this year, with their hard work being rewarded by a trip to the championship game.

Dylan is a great 2nd baseman and has made some crucial plays in the games.
Last year with machine pitch, Dylan was used to getting good hits every game. This year with kid pitch it has been much harder, since they rarely can pitch the ball into Dylan's small strike zone. This has been frustrating for him and he has mostly been walked onto base, but once he's on the base, he is able to steal each base..even home!

Grandma and Grandpa Hunsaker, luckily caught the flu yesterday and were able to come and watch the semi-finals and the championship games. We so appreciated their support. It meant so much to Dylan to have them drive all the way from Idaho to watch a double header. (They even had to drive home the same day so they could get to work this that deserves the Grandparents of the year award!)
The Angels' season came to a close yesterday at the end of a double header. They played the Cubs in the semi-finals, and after winning that game, they played the Giants in the Championship game. The Giants were a tough team and we wished that we had a couple more innings to battle it out. The Angels just didn't have enough time to pull it out and lost 5-3. This was the only defeat that they had all season! Although they were bummed, the coach took them over to the pavilion and honored each player. Afterwards we celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa and went out to eat.

Boy do I love this amazing boy right here! He works so hard, has the most amazing attitude and is the sweetest boy that you could imagine. I love you Dylan!

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