Monday, May 21, 2012

May Happenings

Boy has it been busy at the Draney house this past month and a half:) Life never seems to be dull or slow around here. That is a good thing I think. Though the end of the year is always busy, it is also fun to watch the kids in all of their activities. Here are a few of the things that have been going on.

I know that I briefly posted a little about Dylan's county fair, but these are pictures from that night. I wasn't actually able to go since I was in Indiana visiting Suzie and Rob's family. I was so proud of Dylan and how hard he worked on his county projects. I helped him a little with his float, but he did his report and brochure completely on his own. Dylan you are awesome! Also, we were able to get a DVD of the program, it was great! Grandma and Grandpa, if you want to see it, let me know and we will bring it to Idaho the next time we visit:)

Trey had his preschool graduation on May 17th and boy was it an experience. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a good experience, but it was memorable. I have never had the kid that throws a fit at the performance or protests at a program.....until now. I can truly say that it is a good thing that Trey is the youngest, because if he had been first I would have been so embarrassed. Instead, I just took pictures of him protesting the entire graduation ceremony. I tried sitting with him to calm him down and persuade him to participate, his speech therapist tried to persuade him, and finally he was just carried across the stage to get his diploma. I am sure that the teachers were as grateful as I was to see the 30 min. program come to an end:) Trey never even thought about participating, he just looked at the rest of the preschool kids like they were crazy....thinking "why in the world would you want to sing in front of all of these people!"

It was quite an experience for me, since all of my other three children are such performers. I guess that Trey just likes to have say on what performances he will or won't participate in.

Well, we got through it and I took Trey and his friend Ben to Wal-Mart to celebrate their graduation and we got treats and a Tom and Jerry I don't see this as rewarding bad behavior, I choose to view it as re-writing history...hopefully Trey remembers it as a raging success.....and maybe I might get to were I remember it as being not so awful:)

Devin had his 1st grade program: Dinosaurs, last week. It was a great program and run very well.(Just like all of the Bluffridge Elementary programs) It was about 30-40 minutes long and was so much fun. Devin is a natural performer and was having such a great time. For their costumes, the kids made dinosaur shirts that I volunteered to help make. The first day I went and helped the kids paint on the dinosaurs with stencils, and then the second day I sent Jason to help since I flew out to Indiana. I spoke to Jason that night and asked how volunteering went. He said: "I was given the instruction to supervise the kids painting a background for their dinosaurs. I thought that meant that I let them do it themselves...after Devin was done I looked around and all of the mom volunteers were helping them paint professional scenery. After that I tried a lot harder with the other kids...pretty much I found out that I suck at painting." I chuckled and said: "I should have told you that it isn't just the kids that are graded but the parents as well." Jason has now decided that he will leave the volunteering to me from now on.

If it's spring then it's baseball!! I will try to post some baseball pics of Devin soon. But here are some of Dylan. It is so much fun to go and watch Dylan's games. This year we found out that Dylan is quite a good pitcher. His form is great and I hope to see him pitch in some games this year. He also plays third base a lot and short stop as well. Sports are so much fun to watch and be a part of. Dylan reminds me a lot of Robbie, in that he is fairly hard on himself, but he also remembers to have fun. Devin and Trey like to watch and most often they know that if they nag mom enough that she will give them money to buy a snow cone:)

This past weekend Taylor and I went to her LAST competition of the year at West High School in Salt Lake City. It was so much fun. We stayed at the Marriott Residence with her friend Alex and her mom over night. Solo night went really great for Taylor and she scored her highest score of the season and was only 1 point away from getting a diamond ranking. (Which is the highest you can get and is very hard to get. Only a 3 people in our studio got a diamond and Taylor was the highest after them) She performed her solo better than I have ever seen her do it and I was one proud mom:)
Saturday Taylor performed her group numbers and her team got first on two of them and in hip hop they got third. This was such a hard competition with soooo many amazing studios. I was so proud of her.
Also my group number that I choreographed and taught (and that Taylor was in) got 1st in its division and got over all high point out of every dance in that division. Which means that it scored the highest out of every dance (jazz, lyrical, hip hop) in its age and ability level. Pretty cool! I was very happy with how they did and they were so excited!!

So over all it has been a great May so far. Love you all:)

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