Friday, August 5, 2011

Gluten Free Foods in Layton!!!

I practically NEVER look in the Hometown Values mailing when it comes. Not that I'm not interested in saving money, it is just that the things in it usually don't pertain to us. We don't really eat out since Trey has gone on his gluten free, dairy free, and soy free diet; it's just too hard. We also aren't in the market for dance classes or spa treatments, so the mailer usually ends up in the garbage pretty fast. However, I have been sick with a sinus infection and so last night I picked it up before it found its way into the trash and found an ad for a new (or at least new to me) gluten free store right here in Layton. I am SO excited!!!!!! There address is 1596 N. Hill Field Rd. #B by the Layton Hills Mall. This has come at a perfect time for us. The last two days Trey has just about be on a total fast. He is tired of all of the hot dogs and the dinners I make that are GFCFSF make him nervous to try:( So I am hoping that I can find some normal looking and smelling ideas for food there. I am in a rut for sure. Out of 11 meals that I've made that are GFCFSF he really only would give one a try, the chili. And he has eaten a ton of it! But now he is refusing it, and also he's refusing the stand by's so I need to expand my repertoire of food. Cross your fingers for me please!

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