Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Latest Adventures

Soccer Has Begun Again!

We love soccer! I love going to the games and to practice and watching my boys:) Dylan has turned into quite the player. His footwork is impressive this year and he has turned into a great leader.
Devin is getting in their this year and when he chooses to be aggressive, he does great things.

Labor Day Weekend

For this labor day, we stayed home, which is new for us. We had so much fun spending time together as a family.
We took everyone golfing which was so much fun. Dylan has been golfing for a while and so he already knows what he's doing. Devin and Trey had fun on the putting green, and Jason gave Taylor some lessons to improve her swing.
I even hit some and was surprised to see that I remembered how.

Trey's 1st day of Preschool!!!

Trey is in preschool at Ellison Elementary this year with peers that are not struggling like he is. I have been so nervous for him to go to school this year. He has something like 15 kids in his class, with 3 teachers. This is not the one on one attention that he was used to last year. No signing is done, and there are not pictures to help him with stations. Thank heavens that we have a great occupational therapist that is evaluating him as well as a speech therapist and special education workers. I think that he will end up going to school 4 days a week which will be wonderful for his development. Right now I think that they are leaning toward having him in the functional skills class for 2 days and the class he is in for the other 2 days. We will see how things work out, there is more observation that has to happen and then a meeting with me and all of the specialists. I am hopeful!

Adventures in Sewing

Since Taylor is in the Pep Squad, she has had to participate in spirit week this week. This meant crazy hair day, duck tape day, fake an injury day and today which was super hero/character day. Since our family is going to be pirates this year, we figured she would go as that. However, my schedule has been crazy and at 10 p.m. last night, I still hadn't gotten her costume done. It was Jason's birthday and we got home from our date at 10pm. Somehow I pulled it out of the crapper, as we say in Idaho, and stayed up for most of the night sewing her a pirate shirt and corset, which she wore to school with a bandana and my boots. I think she looked awesome!!! (Too old, but awesome non the less) She is supposed to be Penelope Cruz's character from Pirates 4.

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