Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trey speech progress (Apraxia)

For school I am giving a presentation on Apraxia (the speech disorder that Trey has) and so I have video taped him for the presentation. I have decided that it would be good to chart his progress so that I can better work with the speech and occupational therapists.
Trey will be 4 next month. These clips don't show that his cognitive level is actually pretty high. He knows all of his letters and can identify them using his ipad.
Also he recognizes and can spell his name, and counts from 1 to 10.
Keep in mind that just 2 months ago he was still very silent with little or no sounds being produced. This is the progress that we've made since going on the GFCF diet.

(Trey Signing that he wants a treat!)

Also Trey uses sign language to communicate, but since we are really struggling with getting him to be at all verbal, when we practice speaking, I try to have him use just his words and not his signs.

Follow these links to access the videos of my sweet Trey:)

Trey really has made a ton of progress, even since these video's and learned a speaking part for the primary program. He didn't end up being able to give his part, because of his sensory integration disorder. All the people in the chapel along with the size of the room is really hard for him, but I was so proud of him that he let me take him to the podium and then back to his's all about baby steps here, and celebrating the little victories!

Up next for Trey is a visit to a Pediatric Neurologist, and then hopefully to some specialized speech therapists and occupational therapists at Primary Children's rehabilitation center in Bountiful.

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