Monday, October 31, 2011

Arrgh Matey, we've had a fun October!

Get ready for lots of pictures! I tried to condense them as much as I could. October was such a fun month for the Draney family. We had tons of cousin time and loved every minute of it. We went to the pumpkin patch which is always a hit. They had a witch that was welcoming the kids as we waited, but Trey took one look at her and immediately turned the other way and starting RUNNING back to the car:) After we got to the patch he warmed up as he saw all the cousins finding their pumpkin.

Above are pictures from when we went to the park in our costumes for a picnic. We had fun playing football, playing on the playground and laughing as Jason tried wading in the stream to retrieve the volleyball.

October is Dylan's birthday month and he had fun at his family party. Also I planned Dylan's class Halloween party and went to school for that, you can see Dylan's "This is awesome!" face above as he is painting his pumpkin. We were also trying to get some of Dylan's scouting requirements finished before he turned 10 and got out of Bears so I took the kids to Salt Lake for a day and we went to a really fun art gallery, had a picnic and went to Temple Square. I had such a fun time with my amazing kids! And for the first time since moving to Syracuse we took to boys and went to the pumpkin walk. It was very cool, a little too cold, but my boys loved it. This next year we are going to enter some pumpkins that we carve.
Our picnic in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City.

I went a little crazy with the sewing machine and made pirate costumes for my whole family. I loved watching my pirates having fun!

Love all of the fun family memories:)

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