Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adventures in potty training

Since I haven't blogged for a while I was looking through my old photos and couldn't pass up the chance to share these. I waited a loooong time to potty train Trey. I just couldn't face tackling it while I was tackling his diet, speech, sensory issues. So finally we he hit 4yrs old in November I figured that I had waited long enough. Although my sister Heidi said "Don't worry as long as your not packing diapers in his backpack as you send him off to Kindergarten you're fine, and even then I'm sure it would be o.k." I can always count on Heidi to cheer me up and make me feel that I'm doing everything "right".
Trey was surprisingly easy to potty train even with the speech barrier that we have. For a couple days he would bring out his little potty into the family room and sit all day on his potty and play the wii. My kids would come home from school to find Trey with his underwear around his ankles sitting on the potty playing the wii and would say "Mom gross, he's in the family room, what if my friends came over", I thought that it was so cute that all I could do was laugh.

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