Monday, March 26, 2012

Better Late than Never

So the last little while has been soooo busy. I am finally trying to get caught up. Right like that will happen, but hey I can try.
In November my sweet Trey turned 4 years old. Happy Birthday to Trey! Hey I'm only four months late:)
I can't believe how time flies. Trey is in preschool at Ellison Park Elementary and I can't say enough about how good this year has been for his development. I have been very impressed with his teachers. They have really supported him and gone to bat for him. It is because of his wonderful teachers that he was approved to go to preschool four days a week, which really has been a huge reason for his amazing growth this year.
I am seeing less anxiety about entering the classroom, and he is getting over some of his sensory issues. He is even washing his hands without fighting me on it:) Also he now comes to me in the morning and asks me to do his hair for school. He still won't let me brush it, but baby steps right? For now I am happy with him letting me pat down all of the hair that sticks straight out and slapping on a little gel.
Everybody needs a friend to thrive, and it seems that one of the keys to unlocking all of Trey's potential was in that very principle. That is why little Ben Nicol is our angel. In this picture you can't see Ben, but this is an amazing sight to see Trey playing WITH other kids instead of sitting on the sidelines observing them.
Ben is our neighbor and he has been coming over for play dates with Trey and he goes to the same preschool as Trey on Tues. and Thurs. Since Trey has had Ben as a friend he is excited to go to school and he has a vast amount more spontaneous speech. His little personality is really starting to emerge both at school and at home.

I know, I know, feed that kid right? I apologize for the rib shot, but I thought it was so fun that Trey was showing off his muscles with his brothers. On the eating front, Trey is beginning to gain weight and we are slowly introducing gluten back into his diet and.......he seems to be doing well with it. He isn't getting a rash and his speech continues to improve daily. Thank Heavens for this miracle in our lives.

I am so grateful for this little guy. I have seen such changes not only in him, but in all of my children and in myself. We recognize the little victories each day and experience joy from simple things like Trey showing of his muscles. We celebrate each and every word and my children have learned and continue to learn compassion like they never would have if Trey was not part of our lives.
Trey loves being part of the Three Amigos and our house is host to many light saber duels each day. Of course Trey is like The Emperor in that he sets the rules and the rules are subject to change without notice. Devin and Dylan are amazing at watching out for their little brother and are a key part of his speech therapy. Trey has had to learn that he has to use his voice so that he can be heard and so that we know what he wants. Dylan and Devin make sure that he uses that voice every day, Trey is learning to say "Knock it off" and "STOP that!" We love it!!
Trey I love you so much! I feel blessed that the Lord has entrusted one of his strong and special spirits into my care. You are so strong and have come such a long way. I know that we have a long way to go, but I never thought that you would progress this fast. I am humbled by your determination and by the amazing Light of Christ that you have.

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