Monday, March 26, 2012

Dance Dance Dance

(above is Taylor on solo night. Trey came back stage and was so excited to be with Taylor:) Taylor's friend Alex is in white, they have been practicing together all year preparing for their solos. And then all the soloist from the studio. I also threw in the random ballet picture since I didn't post about her ballet class preview in december...she did great! Can't believe how far all of the girls have come on pointe...there teacher Angel is awesome)
I love competition season! Although it is crazy busy and emotions run high, it is also a time where I get to spend some really great times with my Taylor. I love watching her dance, it is so fun to see how all of her hard work pays off, and I love seeing my shy girl blossom on stage. This extremely quiet girl gets on stage and is able to morphe into whatever character she is portraying and for those 3 minutes she is a true performer. And then right as she gets off stage she is back to my shy, reserved Taylor. It is a great outlet for her creativity and I love seeing her make friendships with the girls she dances with. Everyone on her team is so supportive of each other and they cheer each other on with genuine excitement for each other.
This month Taylor had a dance competition at Viewmont High School where she competed her solo and her four team dances. I was so proud of her!!! She looked amazing and I am amazed at how she has matured into such a talented dancer. Her solo was great and this is just the first competition of the season:) Her team dances also did well, I will video them next time and try to post them so that you all can see.

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