Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Happenings

Devin lost his very first tooth last month!  He was so excited, he's been waiting for this day since the middle of last year when his friends started to lose their teeth.  All of the waiting was worth it when the tooth fairy left a whole dollar under his pillow.  (Inflation is a beast)
Also Trey had school pictures in March.  I was nervous for his pictures since Trey doesn't do very well when the school day schedule is changed, so I decided to come back when they were having pictures just in case they needed my help.  Sure enough, when I got there and looked in the lunch room where they were having pictures, Trey was all the way across the room as far away from his class as he could get.  After much coaxing, Trey finally decided to get in the picture, but just barely.  They next day he had pictures for the Tues/Thurs. class that he is in with Ben Nicol.  Wow, what a difference a day makes!  Ben was just as nervous as Trey had been the day before.  I thought "Oh no, this is going to be tough".....but as soon as I told Trey that he needed to show Ben what to do cause he was nervous, Trey ran over to the chair, jumped up, and smiled angelically.  All the teachers were shocked.  We all laughed, it is so sweet the friendship that those two boys have.  You really just need one good friend to help you out in this life.
Taylor and I at the end of the month got to go to the conference center for the YW general broadcast.  I had so much fun with my sweet girl.  The talks were great, but what was really great was the Spirit that immediately entered the room when the prophet walked in.  The noise before he entered was deafening with all the chatter of excited young women, but the second that the prophet walked in the entire conference center immediately went absolutely silent with reverent respect for our prophet.
I think that had the greatest impact on Taylor.
The weekend of the YW session also happened to be the grand opening of the City Creek Center in down town Salt Lake City.  It really is an amazing place, and Taylor and I only got to see a small portion of it.  It was so packed that you had to wait in a half hour line just to get into some stores to look around.  There was live music, and Taylor and I saw the guy from the YouTube video Cello Wars playing, as well as many other artists.  However, things were so packed that after the conference we decided to head back to Layton and go to dinner at The Olive Garden.  It took us so long to get through City Creek that we didn't sit down to eat until 9:30pm.
We had a great discussion and I couldn't help but feel blessed, and grateful for my amazing daughter.

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