Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catching Up

I missed a few things at the end of the year last year, so I am trying to catch up just a little bit.
 Above are pictures of Taylor at her YW in Excellence.  Taylor displayed her flute, since she has passed off some personal progress things with performing with her band, with a solo in one of the songs.  Also Grandma Hunsaker helped Taylor make a quilt to pass of her Divine nature (I think) value project.  And finally she displayed her point shoes.  The girls were suppose to bring a pair of shoes that describe them.  Taylor choose her point shoes because among other things they signify how she likes a challenge and pointe is the most challenging kind of dance and she likes to be pushed and is proud of herself when she accomplishes hard goals.  We just love Taylor's Young Women leaders!  They are so great and positive with the girls.  Also Taylor just barely was called to be the Beehive class President.  I am excited for her to be able to get to know all the girls and serve them.  This is WAY out of Taylor's comfort zone.  She doesn't like the spotlight on herself, unless she is on a stage.  The hardest part for her about being called was the attention that was drawn to her when we came in class while she was being set apart.  I could tell that she wanted to disappear, when she is nervous her shoulders hunch over and she puts her head down.  She hates it when Jason and I tell her to stand up straight and pull her shoulders back so that she can look confident.  On that same day, Taylor had to go to BYC.  I stayed with her right up until she had to go into the room, right before she went in she said "Mom, can't you come in with me?"  It was so hard for me to send her in by herself, this is the first time that she has been involved in something that I have no participation in, as a leader or teacher.  While it is hard for me that she is growing up, this is so good for her to spread her wings on her own and really fly.  I am so proud of her and know that this will be a great experience for her to grow.

Below, Dylan participated in the Pine Wood Derby.  As usual Jason and I pretty much suck at making pine wood derby cars.  Dylan didn't win any races, but got the award for best detail.  I can't even tell you how amazing Dylan's attitude is!  He didn't get mad or sulk because of not winning the races, he just laughed it off and had a great time.  And words cannot describe what a HUGE event this was.  Our ward Cub Master is AMAZING!!  There were dance lights and music with a big screen where they showed car advertisements and clips.  Also they had a stunt tract and refreshments of popcorn and cotton candy for the kids.  Truly cool!   So we had a great time as a family watching, laughing and cheering on.  Oh and Devin kept Trey entertained with their own car racing:)

So proud of these two amazing kids!  I have so much fun watching them in their activities and am amazed at what great kids they are. 

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