Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hunsaker Family Reunion July 2011

It isn't very often that ALL of us kids are able to get home at the same time. With Rob in Kentucky we don't see him often, and the rest of us have older kids that are in school and lessons, that make it hard to travel during the school year. This last week we were so fortunate to have Rob and Lyns and their two boys in from Kentucky and ALL of the rest of us up in Idaho to celebrate Mom turning 60!!

It was so much fun to see 17 grandchildren running around laughing (and sometimes crying) together. I am so grateful that my children have strong family ties to their cousins and aunts and uncles and of course Grandma and Grandpa. It was fun for me to see my sisters and
brothers and to get to talk and have fun watching our little ones play together. It was wonderful to see the blessing of family in action. I am most grateful for my parents who have dedicated their lives to family and helped us to realize that though we change and grow and are separated by miles that we are each others strength and support. We are not little any more, we make our own choices, we have our own interests that are different from each other, but we are an eternal family that is blessed to have each of us children sealed to our spouses and raising our own children in the gospel.
Thank you Mom and Dad.....we love you!

I hope that you all can make it through all of these pictures, I love looking through them, what fun memories!

This weekend we had fun giving rides with the 4 wheeler, swimming, golfing, picture taking and just being together.

Vicki and Cody

Cohen had a lot of cousins excited to see him and his brother Canyon. It must have been pretty overwhelming for this little guy, but he had a great time and I think he will miss the ciaos of it all:)

Heather and Katelyn
It was very fun to have a little baby to pass around and cuddle with. Savannah was definitely Katelyn's favorite baby whisperer.

Charlie is a little boy that is on a very comfortable and consistant schedule. It was so fun to watch him keeping up with the 'big boys'. By the end he was a full fledged member of the big boy club.

Uncle Robbie facilitated an epic water battle that all of the kids LOVED!

The kids and the adults had fun playing kick ball in some serious heat

Dad and his mad dutch ovening skills treated us to an amazing dutch oven dinner complete with raspberry cobbler

Sweet Ella above and us with Grandma Hunsaker below

Trey and Charlie bonding over ipad....ahhhhhhh

A family vacation isn't complete without 'smores!

Summer and Dylan

At the airport picking up Rob's family

Picture day with all of us was a little crazy.......I'm not going to lie......some of us were lucky to make it through alive!
The kids were amazing considering that some of them almost got eaten alive by mosquitos

Trey with Papa as entertainment was set! He loves his papa

The kids with Great Grandma Hunsaker

Dad and the boys he raised

The outlaws (otherwise known as the brother in laws)!

Dad and Rob

My sweet Taylor

Devin and Aidann

Sawyer showing just how long the picture taking process took

Heidi and Jacob Larsen above and below the Larsen kids

Sadie, Summer, Sami and Savannah



Sawyer and Skyler

Sawyer ditching the 'oh so yesterday Blue Steel' for a new and more awesome "Magnum"!




Now for the Draney's




Mom and Taylor

The kids

Hollie and Jason Draney

Coming up next....The Mottishaw's

The beautiful Paige

Katy and Sean

Miss Aidann

Miss Ella

Now For The Hunsaker's


Bubba.....AKA Canyon

Robert and Lyndsay

The Hurd's

Heather and Steve


Sweet baby Katelyn

The Carter's

Cody and Jocelyn

Cohen and Ella

Grandma and Grandpa with ALL 17 grandkids
What a legacy!!

We will see you at cousin camp soon!!

Suzie, we miss you! Hope you can print out these pictures:)

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