Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Star Valley Trip

Over the 24th of July, our family went to Star Valley to visit Grandma Helen. It is always fun to visit Afton. Afton is a small town outside of Jackson, Wy. that is one of the most beautiful places on earth. There is no pollution in the air, just green mountains and blue skies.

It was so much fun to visit with Helen and let the kids just enjoy getting out of the city and playing outside. I know that it is a lot of ciaos when we come to visit, but we really love it! Thank you Helen for everything!!

While we were there, we also got to visit with Jesalee, Abby, Randle, and Gwen. Jesalee is Jason's cousin. I had so much fun sitting by the fire talking to Jesalee about kids and work. She helped me so much, thanks Jesalee!

Devin and Abby are the same age and had such a fun time running around together...cousin's are the best!

Jesalee and Helen

It was hilarious to watch their little dog....she showed Rosebud who was boss.

Uncle Randle playing with Trey.
I was so surprised at how Trey took to Randle so quickly. Usually when Trey meets someone new, he ignores them totally. At the very least he takes a couple hours to warm up. However, Trey immediately played and interacted with Randle. My heart was very full watching this little interaction. I think that Trey was so open to Randle for a couple of reasons. One is that Randle has an amazingly soothing voice that reminds me a lot of Uncle Nolan's. It is like budda!! It has the most beautiful tenor to it and has an almost sing song quality to it. I really think that he should narrate a book and record it.

Before Randle came over Trey was convinced that this little toy just a funny looking golf club. He was so fun to watch:) He also had quite a natural golf swing for a 3 year old! I definitely need to get him playing,...he will be amazing.

The dutch oven chicken and potatoes that Helen made were delicious....naturally!

Devin has now informed me that he doesn't smile in pictures anymore...he would rather sport this tough guy look.

One thing that Afton has, that I could do without is a TON of mosquitoes!!!
Trey is demonstrating the mosquito spray position:) We would say "O.K. Trey, time to get sprayed" and he would immediately put both arms out to the sides and close his eyes....so cute! Even with the can of spray we used, we had quite a few bites.

Getting Helen's fire pit ready to dutch oven....Jason has turned into a master fire builder.

Do you play Crochet?

The kids had fun watching a couple of movies too. When we were there it happened to be Crazy Days in Afton. We were able to take the kids to Cars 2 for free!! Also Taylor and I had fun with Helen walking the streets and seeing all of the sales. We even found some great necklaces.

Helen is amazing with how she is able to keep things in perfect condition for years. I would like to know her secret! She has never lost a toy.....it's not natural I tell you!

These are big wheels that Jason rode on as a little boy. My boys had fun racing them around the basketball court.

Even Trey joined in that fun!

Can't wait for the Draney reunion in Aug.!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your fire pit....I would love to learn what you did, and if there's anything you would do differently. I LOVE having a fire in the back yard, and also am interested in trying some dutch oven cooking....as I recently got one.