Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fun at Cherry Hill

Since we only have a couple of weeks of summer, we are trying to make the most of every minute! On Thursday the 14th I took the boys to Cherry Hill since Taylor was already going to be there with friends. It was so much fun to spend the day with the boys, Jason felt so bad about missing out on the fun that we took the whole family back yesterday!

Trey was hilarious when we were playing miniature golf:) He would walk his ball right up to the hole, tap it in, and give a fist punch saying Yah!

Dylan took a picture of me, Devin and Trey! Love my boys!

Dylan is such an awesome big brother! Trey thought that it was so much fun that Dylan was fist punching with him.

Sweetest boys ever!!!!

Trey hated the ball pit at first, with his sensory integration problems it was too much to process the feeling of them. To his credit though, he didn't lose it like he usually does, he just wanted to get out:) baby steps!!

I have been so amazed at the improvement that I have been seeing in Trey. The first day at Cherry Hill, Trey screamed for about an hour and a half straight. He has trouble with being in water, he struggles with sensory integration disorder and this is very hard for him. I kept getting out of the water and then reintroducing him. I think that between the two days I held him for about 14 hours! He is a trouper though, and by the 2nd time that we went, he was doing so much better and even was playing in the water! Although there is frustration when we go on these outings, the improvement that I see in him is so apparent that it is worth it. I am so proud of him and am humbled by the progress that he is making.

My sweet Taylor!! It is hard to have her growing up so fast. This was when we had our family day at Cherry Hill. I thought about following her and her friends around but thought I should save her the embarrassment.

One of our best days:)

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